Assistant teacher (m/w) for temple school in Thailand

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Our partner is a non-profit foundation based in Bangkok/Thailand, who supports several schools in Thailand. The aim is to practice English in a “learning by playing” or “Teach & Tour” way besides learning it the “traditional” way. The temple school in in Bang Pa In (Ayutthaya) has 200 students at the age of 8 to 18 years. They are disqualified from normal school system or come from poor families around Thailand. They participate in class, but written and oral perception is minimal. There is one English teacher at the school. At the next possible time they are looking for
Assistant teacher (m/w) for temple school in Thailand.

• You are not expected to teach English grammar, but to use alternative, fun-based flexible forms of teaching
• Motivate monk students to learn and to dare to use their English skills
• Teach max. 3 hours a day as the preparation of lessons will take a lot of time.
• Prepare your lessons to ensure that the children can learn and have fun at the same time through quality-teaching.
• Participate in additional activities at the school.

• At least 3-4 years’ work experience in a school
• Wanting to work with young children
• Good command of written and spoken English
• Enthusiasm, creativity when working with children
• Patience, perseverance and willingness to know the culture and its people
• Robust health and capable of working under difficult conditions.
• A flawless police clearance certificate is a basic requirement and must.

We offer our volunteers the possibility to engage themselves in a culturally and professionally challenging environment, an excellent opportunity to further develop your personality as well. We prepare them for the a.m. assignment, guiding them before and during their volunteering experience and following up with them on their achievements once they get home. In short: We will make sure that all they need for a successful mission is provided to them! For all of this we will charge a one-time fee of EUR 600 (inclusive of VAT), no matter how long they will be volunteering through us. To not burden our project partner's budget too much, we kindly ask of you to also bear the costs related to your preparation, return flight ticket (from 800 EUR onward), insurance (from 1,10 EUR per day), accommodation (from around 97 EUR per month onward, Apartment with air condition 145 EUR a month) and food (from around 50 EUR per month onward).

All our volunteers work free of charge. Thus we would like to give them the opportunity to fundraise the trip with Thank you very much on behalf on our volunteers for your contribution.

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